Crimson Linear, 2010. Oil and enamel on canvas, 122x101.5 cm.

Grey and Black, 2010. Oil on canvas, 122x91 cm.

A Simple Song, 2010. Oil, enamel and pencil on canvas, 122x84 cm.

A multi-layered allegorical dialogue about history and place ensues while I paint. The gestural genre I work within triggers my memories of 'found marks' observed in the city environment including whitewashed shop windows, scratches left by industry, line marking and traces of graffiti. Gestures are pondered and often submerged according to an aesthetic informed by Australian post-settlement history. The intuitive, cyclical process of paint layering is somehow obliquely synonymous with one key influence; the effects of repetitive weather events upon the built world. 
'Beyond the Surface'


Aptos Cruz Galleries
Mt Barker Road
Stirling, South Australia.
July 8-August 1, 2010.