'Forgotten Spaces'

29.10 - 18.11.

Salt Contemporary Art Gallery
33-35 Hesse Street, Queenscliff, Victoria

 Blue Lines, 2010. Oil, enamel and pencil on canvas, 122x107cm.

The effects of erosion and weathering are no more apparent than at the sea edge. This group of works attempt to express, using abstract methods, some sense of the Australian space and light while the making reference to the traces of nature and layers of history found etched upon walls and walkways, be it the beauty of weathered paint in the sunlight or glimpses of faded graffiti.

I see my work following in the tradition of Australian lyrical abstractionists including Tony Tuckson, and Ian Fairweather, who I believe painted within the parameters of the Australian tradition to ‘make-do’. Both artists had a preference for ‘everyday materials’ and the aesthetic qualities of their work include anyhow risk taking, unpretentiousness and economy. My personal interest in making-do was cultivated by my maternal grandparents who lived through the Great Depression. Graffiti and ‘anyhow’ maintaining of boundaries in the laneways and industrial sites (the forgotten places), for me, are contemporary manifestations of the tradition to make-do. Unintended or random beauty can occur in these neglected spaces.

Review by Deirdre Carmichael at Artingeelong here