Time and Space

Flinders Lane Gallery
July 31-August 18
137 Flinders Lane

ZigZag, 2012. Oil, enamel and pencil on canvas, 153x153 cm

Zebra, 2012. Oil, enamel, pigment and PVA on canvas, 41x31 cm. Sold

Be Careful, 2012. Oil, enamel, pigment and PVA on canvas, 41x31 cm. Sold

Bitumen Rose, oil on paper mache, 2x33x5 cm
'Time Space Infinity' Phe Luxford (exert)
The space between image and object is blurred in the sculptural paintings of Terri Brooks. In many ways a flâneur, Brooks absorbs the physical qualities of the built environment, delighting in the accidental textures and material surfaces of concrete, building materials or bitumen roads. She is not a landscape painter, but works to reflect the truth and beauty of the utilitarian surfaces around her. Her canvases offer a sort of spatial dislocation or inverse trompe-l'œil of reality, as isolated sections of the everyday are reborn within the gallery setting. Like the ruins of antiquity her remnants are ‘palpable, not pictorial…their presence shifts with vitality and springs forth into awareness’.[i] As replicas of the factual world, in all its decay and innate ordinariness, these paintings subvert the idiom of preciousness and make the certain uncertain.

[i] Ginsberg, R., The Aesthetics of Ruins, Rodopi Amsterdam, 2004, p.158