Shades of Grey

Driftwood, 2015, oil, enamel and pencil on canvas, 91 x 153 cm.

Drawing Series, 2013, oil, pencil and enamel on canvas, 6 x 41 x 31 cm.

Shades of Grey
May 18 - June 5
Tacit Gallery
312 Johnson Street, Abbotsford
Wed-Fri 11am - 6pm, Sat - Sun 11am - 5pm
0423 323 188

Opening Wednesday 18, 6.30 pm

'Shades of Grey' with work by invited artists, Timothy John Bateson, Louise Blyton, Terri Brooks, Madga Cebokli, Wendy Kelly and Emma Langridge

The opening crowd.

Install shot, Terri Brooks and Emma Langridge

Install shot, Terri Brooks and Louise Blyton

Install shot, Wendy Kelly and Magda Cebokli

Install shot, Louise Blyton and Wendy Kelly

Install shot, T J Bateson

Install shot, Magda Cebokli and Emma Langridge