Rotterdam Contemporary Art Fair

Rotterdam Contemporary Art Fair
Kunsthuis LOOF
Stand 44
February 8 -12
World Trade Centre Rotterdam

Jet van Oosten, Stan Van Steendam, Peter Hiemstra, Terri Brooks

Block Crinkle, 2015, oil and enamel on paper, 59 x 50 x 10 cm.

The 6th edition of the Rotterdam Contemporary Art Fair will take place at the World Trade Center. The fair will be held during the Rotterdam Art Week together with Art Rotterdam and other events, creating the biggest art fair week in The Netherlands. 

Kunsthuis LOOF Stand 44, Rotterdam Contemporary.

Kunsthuis LOOF Stand 44

Rotterdam Contemporary Art Fair, Kunsthuis Loof Booth is on the right.

Niek Hendrix, Rotterdam Contemporary Art Fair 2017, Lost Painters, Netherlands, Feb. 10.
My work is featured as 'worth seeing' in this web magazine with Kunsthuis LOOF. Link here