Painting, Installations, Objects

Exhibition Flyer, Szczecin, Poland.

Galleria Kierat, ZPAP, Szczecin, Poland

Arrangement Space

This group shares a common interest in contemporary art, non-objective and the needs associated with creating space using color in the form of painting objects and installations. The group brings together creative personalities, whose
interests include the following phenomena in art: Minimalism, Shaped Paintings, Arte Povera, Environment, Site Specific Ephemeral and Interactive Art. The exhibition will introduce the part of artistic activity selected from the group Painting Arrangement Space / P.A.S./, which was established in the year 2010. The artists to express their needs use different materials, often harsh or any mundane: wood, metal, paper, cardboard, cloth, plastic and textiles. Additionally some
artists deploy techniques associated with deformation and deconstruction of the image. These treatments are a kind of retreat from traditional “ high art “. At the same time in this way, they emphasize the role of the creative thought process.
You can even venture to say that this is some kind of recycling, which in its consequences can serve sparing the environment. The various techniques of painting are: oil, acrylic, alkyd, lacquers, enamels, graphic and mixed. Some of the presented artists deliberately refer to the nature theme: form, material, color. The artists, despite their similar artistic needs and exploration, speak separately because of color and material choices, different methods of production and personal influences. Artists who are united in their approach to the new concept of the picture is the main premise behind
this exhibition. The purpose of the presentation is to show the way in which contemporary art is shaped by the creation of installations and objects in the world, and whose roots are derived from painting. The exhibition draws attention to
materials and techniques that artists use to express their color needs and the way in which the artwork is presented - its arrangement in space. The whole presentation may be a seen as a kind of provocation to reflect on the need for aesthetics in art.
Marzena Paczkowska, curator


Chris Packer AU

Steffen Scheimann DE

Install shot

Install shot